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I am an avid reader of magazines, and I have many magazines for sale which I no longer need ....... and I am offering them to genuine collectors. ...... John Weeks

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Cleveland Western, Issue 2837
Published by The Cleveland Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd, Australia
Story : Tumbleweed Man
Author : Brett McKinley
Cover Artist : Prieto [ Manuel Prieto Muriana ]
A drifter all his life ... but how long could it last?
AUD $5.00 plus p&h
Realms of Fantasy
Volume 13, Number 4, April 2007
Published in the USA, 92 pages
Fiction and Article
AUD $10 plus posage/handling
CoComics Buyer's Guide, Issue 1494, June 28 2002
Published in USA, Colour/B&W, 116 Pages
AUD $5.00 Plus postage
Time - The Weekly News Magazine - December 8, 1952 [Pacific Edition]
Cover Art : Boris Artzybasheff
Cost : AUD $10.00 Plus postage

Amazing Stories [UK] Vol. 1 No. 6
Published by Strato Publications Lrd, Leicaester, Great Britain
(by special arrangement with Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, USA)
1954, [Digest size]
Contents :
Cover Art by Clarence Doore
'Miracle In Manhattan' by Bill Peters
'Breakfast At Twilight' by Philip K. Dick
'Command Performance' by Robert K. White
'The Squirrels' by Gerry Greenstreet
'Poison Planet' by Sam Merwin Jr.
'The Altar' by Robert Sheckley
'Miniature Life-Savers' by William Karney
'Martian Meteorologist' by A. T. Kedzie
AUD $10.00 Plus postage

Mechanix Illustrated, June 1956
International Edition
Volume 5 Number 67
Cover Art of the UFO by Miller
AUD $15.00 Plus postage
Pinto Western, Issue 526
Published by The Cleveland Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd, Australia, 68 pages
Story : Too Tough To Quit
Author : Kirk Hamilton
Cover Artist : Unknown
They did everything but kill him!
AUD $5.00 plus p&h
The Australian Magazine
October 13-14, 1990
This 72-page magazine was inserted in The Weekend Australian newspaper
Cover Story : 'Peter Garrett's Essential Oils'... This 8-page features Peter Garrett and the Australian rock music band Midnight Oil
AUD $10 plus postage
Texas Rangers
Volume 5 Number 3 - British Edition - November 1948
Published by Atlas Publishing, London, England. 68 pages
Cover Art : ?
Fiction stories :
'Red River Rule' by Jackson Cole
'Code To Live By' by Clee Woods
'New Tricks For An Old Dog' by Sam Brant
'Doc Swap's Convalescene' by Ben Frank
'Gangway For A Busy Man' by Bruce Douglas
AUD $15 plus postage
Condition : worn but intact
Popular Mechanics Magazine
February 1948
Published by Popular Mechanics Company, USA
332 Pages
Cover Art by John Howard
AUD $10 plus postage
Record Collector
Issue 333 February 2007
Published by Diamond Publishing, UK
Features :
Johnny Cash
James Brown
Wanda Jackson
Joe Meek
and more ...
AUD $10 plus postage
Parade, Issue 158, January 1964
Published in Australia
Cover art by Stanley Pitt, whose worked covered such genres as Adventure, Crime, Science Fiction, Pulp Fiction.
Stanley John Joseph Pitt (2 March 1925 – 2 April 2002) was an Australian cartoonist and commercial artist. Pitt was the first Australian comic book artist to have original work published by a major American comic book company. He often collaborated with his brother, Reginald Pitt.
AUD $20 plus postage

Cleveland Western, Issue 2835
Published by The Cleveland Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd, Australia
Story : Trouble On The Hoof - Author : Clay Anthony
Seven thousand head can mean only one thing ...
Cover Artist : Jordi Longaron
Jordi Longarón i Llopart (born 1933), better known as Jorge Longarón, is a Spanish illustrator for magazines and comic strips. Born in Barcelona, Longarón began professionally during the 1940s and 1950s. He drew the comics Arsénico Lupin in Chispa and Chan-Chu-Llo in Garabatos and also contributed to El Pequeño Mosquetero, Serenata Extra, Hazañas Belicas and Hazañas del Oeste. In 1969, for the Chicago Tribune and the New York News Syndicate, he teamed with writer Jim Lawrence to create the Friday Foster comic strip about a young female photographer. Longarón has done many cover illustrations for American publications. As a fine artist, he has painted Catalan landscapes and the American Southwest.
Wikipedia :
AUD $8.00 plus p&h

The Australian Woman's Mirror
Wednesday, October 14, 1959
Published by Henry Kenneth Prior for the The Bulletin Newspaper Co Pty. Ltd, Australia
44 pages, mostly black and white inside
Special Note : The comic strip, The Phantom, is featured.
AUD $5.00 plus postage etc
Analog - Science Fiction Science Fact
Volume CVI, Number 4, April 1986
Published in the USA
An thology of sciece fiction and science fact stories
196 Pages [inc covers], B&W interior
Cover art by Terry Lee
Fiction stories by Frederick Pohl, Charles Sheffield, Somtow Sucharitkul, Robert F. Young, Steven Gould
Condition: ex-Library
AUD $10 plus p&h
Heroes & Villains - Australian Comics And Their Creators
Magazine published by the State Library of Victoria, 2006
'52 pages of chills, thrills & adventure - full colour!'
A variety of Australian comic covers featured. For example ... Silver Starr, The Phantom, Gem Comics, Catman, Phantom Stranger, Skippy, True Pirate Comics, Flynn of the FBI, The Shadow, The Mask, Vampire!, Twilight Ranger
AUD $15.00 plus postage
Condition : Excellent
Omega Science Digest
January-February 1984
Published by Magazine Promotions, Australia
Cover by Robert T. McCall
Science Stories
Science Fiction stories by David King, Dene Wells, Paul Cowdy
Interior colour art by Philip Caville, Robert T. McCall, David Egge, April Lawton, Dale Gustafson, Jeff Mangiat, Ed Soyka, Frantz Kantor, Tony Dwyer
AUD $8.00 plus postage
Condition : Excellent
Coronado Western
Issue 1043
'The Quest Of Shiloh Rand' by Kirk Hamilton*
* real name = Brett Waring
Brett Waring is better known as Keith Hetherington who has penned hundreds of westerns (the figure varies between 600 and 1000) under the names Hank J Kirby and Kirk Hamilton. Keith also worked as a journalist for the Queensland Health Education Council, writing weekly articles for newspapers on health subjects and radio plays dramatising same.
Publisher: Cleaveland Publishing, Australia
100 pages (inc covers), A5 size
Cover art : unknown
A trail that could end no other way
AUD $3.00 plus postage
Galaxy Science Fiction
Issue 49, [date unknown]
Published by Strato Publication [Great Britain]
Cover by Jack Coggins
Fiction stories by Frederik Pohl, Christopher Anvil, Stephen Barr, Robert Sheckley
AUD $10.00 plus postage
Condition : Very Good


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