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Update : 30 JUNE 2016

Cards For Sale ... John Weeks

I am an avid collector of cards, and I have many cards which I no longer need and now offering for sale....... and I am offering them to genuine collectors. ...... John Weeks

To purchase these titles, or if you have a genuine inquiry, simply contact me on . You will get a response within 24-48 hours. You may wish to send me your want list and I will check to see if I may have the card for you.

Generally speaking, the value of the cards is listed in Australian dollars, and there will be associated postage & handling costs involved.

PLEASE NOTE: MINIMUM ORDER IS $10.00 plus postage etc

A method of Payment is conducted via Pay Pal, a very secure method. An invoice can be promptly sent to you matching your requests. However, I am more than willing to accept cheques or money orders or direct deposit within Australia. For overseas collectors, Pay Pal is the only method of transaction.


Dinosaurs Cards, published by the Canadian Museum of Nature. Art by Ely Kish Aviation Cards. Series : How To Become An Air Commodore. Date of publication : 1950s Cartoon Greeting Card.
Artist : unknown
Company : Momentum Greetings
Reference No. : 325960
Release Date : 1999
Country : Australia
Aviation Card : DH66 Hercules Tri-Motor - Card No. 19 of the . Series : Tip Top - 'London To Sydney - Great Sunblest Air Race Cards' - 1975
Bird Cards - 9 Cards of the series Malties Cereal Cards ... 'Birds of Paradise and Bower Birds' - [Series of 40] 19 Greeting Cards - Various Battlestar Galactica TV Photo cards, published by Topps Entertainment, 1978 'Know Your Ships' cards - 18 Malties Cereal Cards from a series of 40.
'The World's Trains' cards - 3 Malties Cereal Cards from a series of 40 ..... SOLD!!! 'Know Your Cars' cards - 4 Malties Cereal Cards from a series of 40

1964 RARE Harper's Easi Oats Trading Cards 1964 “South Australian League Footballers”, from a series of 24

Golden Fleece Swap Cards - Dogs, from a series of 36.
Easi Oats card series ... 'How To Become Admiral Of A Fleet' Shell card series .... Discover Australia With Shell    


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