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--- Country Music Memorabilia ---


Music Cassettes

These music items can be offered for sale at a reasonable price :) ... however they are featured on this Webpage purely for the enjoyment of country music enthusiasts :) ... John Weeks ...

The Notting Hillbillies
"Missing...Presumed Having A Good Time"
Phonogram 1990
Patsy Cline
"Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits"
Hank Williams
"Country Greats"
Rainbow Records
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
"Let's Go"
Liberty Records 1983
Roy Clark
"Join The Country Club"
Leaping Lizards
"Leapin' Lizards!"
Vince Gill
"I Still Believe In You"
MCA 1992
Daniel O'Donnell
"I Believe"
Ritz Records 1997
"Australia The Songs"
Randy Travis
"High Lonesome"
Warner Music 1991
Garth Brooks
"No Fences"
Curb / Capitol Records 1990
Clint Black
"Put Yourself In My Shoes"
BMG / RCA 1990

Garth Brooks
"The Chase"
Liberty Records 1992

Mary Chapin Carpenter
"Stones In The Road"
Sony Music / Columbia 1994
George Strait
"Holding My Own"
MCA Records 1992
Clint Black
"The Hard Way"
BMG Music 1992
Various Artists
"Texas Dance Hall Greats"
Richmond Manufacturing 1985
Waylon Jennings
"Waylon's Greatest Hits - Volume 2"
RCA Victor 1984
Various Artists
"Country Duets"
Summit / RCA
Gina Jeffreys
"The Flame"
ABC Music / EMI 1994
Big Dave and the Tennessee Tailgaters
"Hits For A Truck Driving Man"
Slim Whitman
Nev Nicholls
"Super Trucker"
J & B Records
Various Artists
"Gone Country 2"
MCA Records 1996
Gene Autry
"15 All-Time Greatest Hits"
CBS Records 1982
Reg Lindsay
"Country And Western Singalong"
Various Artists
Wandong Country 1 : The First Live Souvenir Recording of Australia's Top Country Acts
Various Artists
Wandong Country 2 : The First Live Souvenir Recording of Australia's Top Country Acts
Slim Dusty
"On The Wallaby"
EMI 1983
"Truckin' Songs"
Various Artists
"20 Truck Driving Country Favourites"
Axis / Fable Records 1989
Dolly Parton
"Think About Love"
RCA 1986
Various Artists [USA]
"Cowboy Outlaws"
J & B Records 1982?
Bloodwood [Australia]
"Man Made Music"
Talunga Music 1981
  The Hawking Bothers
"Country Gold"
Fable Records
Hamilton County Bluegrass Band
"Orange Blossom Special"
Slim Dusty and His Bushlanders
"Aussie Sing Song"
Columbia / EMI
Various Artists
"Macca By Request"
ABC Music / Universal Music / Currawong Music
Johnny Ashcroft
Daniel O'Donnell
"Thoughts of Home"
Ritz Records 1992
Don Gibson
"Country Number One"
J & B Records

Dan Fogelberg - "Dan Fogelberg"

"Redgum's Greatest"
CBS / Epic 1985
Merle Haggard
"Kern River"
CBS / Epic 1985
Roger Miller
"16 Country Super Hits"
J & B Records 1986
Merle Haggard
"Live at Muskogee & Philadelphia"
Capitol Records
Slim Whitman
United Artists
"The Dawson Collection"
Steve Grace
"Songs For Australia"
Southern Land Records 1993
Slim Whitman
"The Best of Slim Whitman - Volume 1"
United Artists 1973
John Denver
"Farewell Andromeda"
RCA Victor 1973
Ted Egan
"Our Coach Captain"
EMI / Axis 1983
Tex Morton
"The Good Old Days"
EMI / Regal 1991
James Blundell
"James Blundell"
Jenny Blackadder
"Banjo Country"
Music World
Slim Dusty
"Slim Dusty 'Live At Tamworth'
EMI / Axis 1973?
Various Artists [USA]
"A Little Bit Country"
Dino Music
Mary Schneider
"The Magic of Yodelling"
Bluebirds Records
John Denver
"John Denver's Greatest Hits - Volume 2"
RCA 1977
Charlie Rich
"Behind Closed Doors"
Epic CBS 1973
Boxcar Willie
"King of the Road"
J & B Records
Ken Clee
"Popular Requests"
Independent 1993
Tex Morton with Sister Dorrie
You And My Old Guitar
Daniel O'Connell
"The Very Best of Daniel O'CONNELL"
Ritz Records 1991
Various Artists [USA]
"Kings of Country Music"
Music World
Various Artists
"Macca By Request - Volume 2"
ABC Music / Universal Music 2004

The Dirt Band
"The Dirt Band"
United Artists 1978
Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline
Jimmy Buffett
"Riddles In The Sand"
MCA 1984
Jimmie Rodgers
"Greatest Hits"
Pickwick Records 1991
Rex Dallas
"We Dig Coal"
Eric Bogle
"Scraps of Paper"
Larrikan Records1982
Wilf Carter
"24 Great Hits"
Artists : Various
Title : The Greatest Country Stars ofthe 20th Century
[ 4 x Cassettes - 85 Tracks ]
Label : Reader's Digest
Artist : Lucky Starr
Album : Mister Truckdriver
Label : RCA
Year : 1978
Artist : Jim Reeves
Album : According To My Heart
Label : RCA
Year : ?
Artist : Hank Snow
Album : Hank Snow Sings Grand Ole Opry Favourites
Label : RCA
Year : 1973
Artist : Hank Snow
Album : The Singing Ranger
Label : RCA
Year : 1986
Artist : Slim Whitman
Album : Home On The Range
Label : Axis
Year : 1977
Artist : Various Artists [inc John Wood]
Album : King of Country
Label : Playbox
Year : 1992
Artist : Hank Snow
Album : 20 Golden Greats
Label : Music World
Year : 1996
Artist : Patsy Cline
Album : Hungry For Love
Label : Starburst / Hughes Leisure Group
Year : 1992

Vinyl Records

Roy Clark
"Me And Bobby McGee"
Summit Records 1972
Garner Wayne & His Saddle Pals
"23 Country Classics"
Crest International
Hank Thompson
"The Thompson Touch"
Dot Records 1977
Roy Acuff
Greatest Hits Volume One [Double Album]
Elektra Records 1978


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