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I have many comics for sale that I am letting go from my own collection ....... and I am offering them to genuine collectors. ...... John Weeks

To purchase these titles, or if you have a genuine inquiry, simply contact me on . You will get a response within 24-48 hours. You may wish to send me your want list and I will check to see if I may have the titles for you.

Generally speaking, the value of each title is listed in Australian dollars, and there will be associated postage & handling costs involved.

Prices are based on the collectible aspect of the item and the condition of the item.

A method of Payment is conducted via Pay Pal, a very secure method. An invoice can be promptly sent to you matching your requests. However, I am more than willing to accept cheques or money orders or direct deposit within Australia. For overseas collectors, Pay Pal may be only method of transaction.

NEW!!!! If you wish to receive a current free spreadsheet file listing all my 1. Australian Super-Heroes Comics, 2. Australian Non Super-Heroes Comics, simply contact me on and I will send it out to you via email within 24-48 hours :) ... John Weeks









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Battle Picture Weekly, Issue 1, 8 March 1975
Published by IPC Magazines Ltd., London
D-Day Dawson in 'Beach-Head!' [Gerry Finley-Day (w), Geoff Campion (a)]
'Lofty's One-Man Luftwaffe' [Charles Herring (w), Paulo Ongaro (a)]
'The Flight Of The Golden Hinde' [S. Conforth (w) Barden Agency (a)]
Battle Honours : 'Brew-Up At El Alamein'
'Day of the Eagle' [Eric Hebden (w), Patrick Wright (a)]
'The Bootneck Boy' [Ian MacDonald (w), Giralt (a)]
'Rat Pack [Alan Hebden (w), Carlos Ezquerra (a)]
'The Terror Behind The Bamboo Curtain' [Charles Herring (w), Giancarlo Alessandrini (a)]
This Amazing War! : German Secret Weapons ? ?
AUD $35.00 Plus postage
Ripley's Believe It Or Not!
Issue 2137, 1971
Published by Rosnock Publications, Australia
Colour cover, black & white interior
Cover art by George Wilson
AUD $10.00 plus postage
Comics Revue, Issue 233, 2005
Published by Manuscript Press, USA
68 Pages, B&W
Comic Strips featured ...
Modesty Blaise, Gasoline Alley, Flash Gordon, Steve Canyon, Krazy Kat, Little orphan Annie, Alley Oop, Tarzan, Mandrake The Magician, Rick O'Shay, Buz Sawyer, Casey Ruggles
AUD $15.00 Plus postage costs
Bumper Batcomic, Issue 18
Published by Murray Publishers Pty. Ltd., Australia
Cover Art : Jim Aparo
Reprints, B&W, 100 Pages, 1979?, Excellent condition
Stories feature :
Batman & Black Canary, Man-Bat, Black Lightning, Robin, Batgirl, The Teen Titans, Alfred [Batman's Butler], Roy Raymond TV Detective, The Unsolved Cases of Batman
AUD $15 Plus postage costs
Battle Picture Weekly, Issue 5, 5 April 1975
Published by IPC Magazines Ltd., London
32 Pages, B&W/Colour
D-Day Dawson in 'Man On Fire!' [Gerry Finley-Day (w) Geoff Campion ? (a))
Lofty's One-Man Luftwaffe [Charles Herring (w) Paulo Ongaro (a)]
This Amazing War ? ?
The Flight Of The Golden Hinde [S. Conforth (w) Barden Agency (a)
The Bootneck Boy [Ian MacDonald (w) Giralt (a)]
Rat Pack [Alan Hebden? (w)]
Battle Honours : 'Ambush At Arakan' ? ?
Day of the Eagle [Eric Hebden (w) Patrick Wright (a)
The Terror Behind The Bamboo Curtain [Charles Herring (w) Giancarlo Alessandrini (a)]
AUD $5.00
[Remark : there is a small cut out from a page]
Starblazer, Issue 1, 1979
Printed and Published in Great Britain
by D. C. Thomson & Co., Ltd.
B&W, 68 Pages
Cover Art by Salvador Faba
Story 'The Omega Experiment'
Writer & Artist : Alan Rogers
AUD $15.00 Plus postage
Smash! Issue 12 23 April 1966
Published by Odhams Press, England
28 Pages, B&W/Colour
Comic stories include :
'The Moon Madness' [Adventure]
'The Swots And The Blots'
'Bad Penny'
'The Telly Bugs'
'Danger Mouse'
'The Ghost Patrol' [Adventure]
'Queen Of The Seas'
The Legend Testers' in 'Rollo Stones And The 5 Faces Of Evil'
'The Nervs'
'Space Jinx'
'Percy's Pets'
'Brian's Brain' [Adventure]
'Ronnie Rich'
'Grimly Fiendish'
AUD $15.00 Plus postage SOLD
Great War Stories, Issue 2
Published by Page Publications, Australia
Reprints from Marvel & Charlton comics from the 1950s
Colour cover; Black and White interior
Pocket size (135mm x 185mm)
Cover Art : Australian artist, Keith Chatto ( )
Featuring art from Gene Colan, Dick Ayers, Charles Nicholas, George Tuska, Joe Maneely, Marvin Stein, Joe Sinnott
AUD $10.00 Plus postage SOLD
Title : 'Western Picture Library'
Issue 673, 1982
Published by Wells Gardner, Darton & Co. Ltd., England
Colour cover; Black and White interior
Digest/Pocket size
Cover Art : ?
Story 'River Bend Battle'
AUD $8.00 Plus postage
The Wizard, 30 October 1976
Published by D.C. Thomson & Co. (Great Britain)
Colour cover; mostly Black and White interior
32 Pages
Comic stories :
'Chained To His Sword'
'Hunter's War'
'Big-River Bill'
'Inspector Bonehead'
'Blake's Blenheim'
Simon Gaunt story : 'Lucky Jim'
'Frankie And Johnny'
AUD $10.00 Plus postage
Battle Picture Library, Issue 48, 19 February 1962
Published by Fleetway Publications Ltd. [UK]
Digest size, 68 pages, Black & White
Cover Art : Alessandro Biffignandi
Story : 'Day Of Crisis'
Writer : R P Clegg; Artist : Juan Gonzalez Alacreu
AUD $8 plus p&h
Condition : well read (no tears, all intact)
Title : 'Dracula Lives!' March 1974
Marvel Comics - Published by Cadence Comics Publications, Canada
Colour cover; Black and White interior
68 Pages [inc covers]
Cover Art : Luis Dominguez
Comic Contents :
'Dracula' [Adapted from Bram Stoker's novel] By Roy Thomas (w) and Dick Giordano (a)
Dracula in 'A Duel Of Demons' ... By Gerry Conway (w) and Frank Springer (a)
'When A Vampire Dies' ... By Sid Greene (?)
Dracula in 'Night Flight To Terror' ... By Tony Isabella (a) Gene Colan & Pablo Marcos (a)
'The Boyhood of Dracula' ... By Tony Isabella (w) and Val Mayerik (a)
'Transylvania On A Budget' by Doug Moench
'Dracula, Prince of Darkness' by Doug Moench
'Coffin Chronicles' by Carla Joseph
'The Dracula Archives' by Chris Claremont
Fiction : 'Demons In Darkness" by Gerry Conway
Pin-Up : 'Dracula, Lord of the Vampires' by Gene Colan
AUD $15.00 Plus postage
Title : Nurse Linda Lark, Issue 7. May-July 1963
Published by Dell Publishing [USA]
Standard comic size, Colour, 36 Pages
Cover : Chris Schaare
Comics content :
Nurse Linda Lark in 'TV Star' ... by John Stanley (w), John Tartaglione (a) with inks by Sal Trapani; Dick Giordano; Frank McLaughlin
'Mercy Ships' ... art by John Tartaglione with Inks by Vince Colletta
Tramp Doctor : 'The General' ... art by John Tartaglione (a) with inks by Sal Trapani; Dick Giordano; Frank McLaughlin
AUD $15.00 Plus postage
Title : Flash Gordon comic strip by Alex Raymond - one page, A3 size,
Published in the magazine titled Modern Wonder - The Pictorial Review, Volume 5, number 121, 9 September 1939, in England
AUD $10.00 Plus postage
Title : The Savage Sword of Conan The Barbarian
Issue 53 - June 1980
Published by Marvel Comics Group, USA
Magazine size, Colour cover with black & white interior
Cover : Earl Norem
Stories :
Conan The Barbarian in 'The Sorcerer And The Soul', adapted from the novel 'Conan And The Sorcerer' by Andrew J. Offutt ... Script by Roy Thomas, art by John Buscema & Rudy D. Nebres
Solomon Kane in 'Wings In The Night' ... Don Glut (w), David Wenzel (a)
Condition: Very good
AUD $15 plus p&h
Spy Stories Picture Library, Issue 1, 1975?
Published by Page Publications Pty. Ltd., Australia
Digest size, 68 pages, Black & White
Reprint originally from Secret Service Picture Library #23 [UK]
Cover Art : Keith Chatto [Australian artist]
Story : 'The Corpse That Laughed'
Writer / Artist : ?
AUD $10 plus p&h
Condition : Very Good SOLD
Title : Dracula Lives! Issue 9 - November 1974
Published by Marvel Comics Group, USA
Magazine size, Colour colour, B&W interior
Cover : Luis Dominguez
Stories :
'How To Ward Off Vampires' ... by Tony Isabella (w), Ernie Chua (a)
Dracula in 'The Lady Who Collected Dracula' ... by Doug Moench (w), Frank Robbins & Frank Springer (a)
Dracula in 'Scarlet In Glory' ... by Doug Moench (w), Paul Gulacy & Mike Esposito (a)
Dracula in 'A Night In The Unlife' ... by Gerry Conway (w), Alfred Alcala (a)
Dracula in 'Twice Dies The Vampire' ... by Gerry Conway (w), Sonny Trinidad (a)
Article :
'The Scars of Dracula' ... by Gerry Boudreau
Condition: Excellent
AUD $15 plus p&h SOLD
Battle!, Issue 19, May 1955
Published by Transport Publishing, Australia. Reprints from Marvel Comics title 'Battlefront', issue 12, July 1953 [published under Postal Publications, Inc., USA]
24 pages, Black & White
Cover Art : Unknown
Stories :
'In The Cards!' [Art by ?]
'The Lucky MIG' [Art by Vernon Henkel]
'Flare-Up in Fuchon' [Art by Sam Burlockoff]
'Platoon Leader' [Art by Manny Stillman]
AUD $15 plus p&h
Condition : Good (with a very slight tear in the spine]
Aliens, Issue 4, May 1991
Published monthly by Trident Comics Ltd, England
52 pages, Colour / Black & White interior, standard magazine size
Dark Horse Comics Reprints
Featuring stories on Aliens and Predator
Based on characters and situations from the Twentieth Century Fox motion pictures
Cover Art : Dave Dorman
AUD $10 plus p&h
Condition : Very Good
The Mighty World Of Marvel, Issue 101, 7 September 1974
Published by Marvel Comics Group [UK]
36 pages, Black & White interior, standard magazine size
Marvel Comics Comics Reprints (3)
Cover Art : ?
Stories featured :
The Incredible Hulk in 'Klaatu! The Behemoth From Beyond Space' (1) ... by Roy Thomas (w), Herb Trimpe (a), Sal Buscema (i)
Daredevil in 'The Galdiator And The Gangsters' (1) ... by Stan Lee (w), John Romita (a), Frank Giacoia (i)
The Fantastic Four in 'Beware The Hidden Land' [Featuring The Inhumans] ... by Stan Lee (w), Jack Kirby (a), Joe Sinnott (i)
AUD $10 plus p&h
Title : Battle Picture Library, Issue 64 - 18 June 1962
Published by Fleetway Publications, England
Colour cover, B&W interior, 68 pages (inc Cover), Digest size
Cover : ?
Story : 'The Vicious Circle'
AUD $8 plus p&h
The Brotherhood
Issue 2 - August 2001
Published by Marvel Comics Group, USA
36 pages, colour
Cover : J. G. Jones
Story : 'Who Is X?' ... by X (w), Essad Ribic (a), Kent Williams (i)
AUD $7 plus p&h
Volume 2, Issue 3 - July 2003
Published by Marvel Comics Group, USA
44 pages, colour
Cover : Salvador Larroca & J.D. Smith
Story : 'Namor' ... by Bill Jemas (w), Salvador Larroca (a), Danny Miki (i), J.D. Smith (c)
AUD $7 plus p&h
Smash! Issue 18, 4 June 1966
Published by Odhams Press, England
28 Pages, B&W/Colour
Comic stories include :
'It's The Rubber Man' [Adventure]
'Bad Penny'
'The Legend Testers' [Adventure]
'Ronnie Rich'
The Hulk in 'Banished To Outer Space' [Adventure]
'Percy's Pets'
'The Swots And The Blots'
' Danger Mouse'
'The Telly Bugs'
'The Ghost Patrol' [Adventure]
'Charlie's Choice'
'Grimly Fiendish'
AUD $15.00 Plus postage SOLD
The Question
Issue 27 - June 1989
Published by DC Comics [USA]
Cover Art by Denys Cowan
Story : 'Captain Star & Sergeant Stripes' ... By Dennis O'Neil (w); Denys Cowan (layouts) & Rick Stasi (a); Malcolm Jones III & Terry Beatty (i); Tatjana Wood (colors)
AUD $8.00 Plus postage
Moon Knight
Volume 1, Issue 12 - October 1981
Published by Marvel Comics Group, USA
36 pages, colour
Cover : Frank Miller & Al Milgrom
Story : 'The Nightmare Of Morpheus' ... by Doug Moench (w), Bill Sienkiewicz (a)
AUD $10 plus p&h
The Wizard, January 8, 1977
Published by D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd, Great Britain
32 pages, Black & White interior, standard magazine size
Comic Stories :
The Flying Triplehound
Wolf Boy [1st episode]
Chesil Charlie [1st episode]
Inspector Bonehead
Big-River Bill
Only Seconds To Live - [A Simon Gaunt Story]
The Castlebreakers
AUD $10 plus p&h
Issue 17, March 1984
Published by Quality Communications
52 pages, colour
Cover : David Jackson
Comic Stories :
Marvelman Family in 'The Red King Syndrome' ... by Alan Moore (w), John Ridgway (a)
Jaramsheela ... by Steve Moore & Pedro Henry (w); David Jackson (a)
'Twilight World' ... by Steve Moore (w), Jim Baikie (a)
'Home Is The Sailor' ... Steve Parkhouse (w), John Ridgway (a)
8-page Article : 'Behind The Painted Smile' [re: V For Vendetta]
AUD $12 plus p&h
Western Picture Library
Issue 691, 1982
Published by Micron Libraries / Wella Gardner, Darton & Co. Ltd, England
70 pages (inc. covers), B&W, Pocket digest size
Complete Story : 'Lone Hand' (writer & art : Unknown)
Cover art : Unknown
AUD $8 plus p&h
Arak, Son Of Thunder Annual
Issue 1, 1984
Published by DC Comics, USA
Cover Art by Ron Randall
Story : Arak In 'The Lair Of The Serpent Lord' ... by Roy Thomas (w), Ron Randall & friends (a)
AUD $10 plus postage
Marvel Graphic Novel
Issue 2, 1982 Edition
Michael Moorcock's Elric - The Dreaming City
Published by Marvel Comics Group, USA
Cover Art by P. Craig Russell
Story by Roy Thomas and P. Craig Russell
AUD $30 plus postage
Condition : Very Good
Heavy Metal
January 1983
Published by HM Communications, USA
98 pages, colour/b&w
Cover by Joseph Chiodo
Artists featured ... Mike Kaluta, Jeff Jones, Milo Manara, Ferndo Fernandez, Guido Crepax, Druillet, Berni Wrightson, Brian Froud, Charles Burns, John Workman, Richard Corben, Martin Springett, Paul Kirchner, Arthur Suydam
AUD $15 plus postage
Condition : Very Good
All-Action Monthly
Issue 2, March 1987
Published by IPC Magazines, London
68 pages, b&w interior
Stories featured ...
Play Till You Drop [11 episodes]
Hellman of Hammer Force [5 episodes]
Dredger [2 episodes]
Tornado Jones [5 episodes]
AUD $15 plus postage
Condition : Very Good
Lion Annual 1981
Published by IPC Magazines, England
96 Pages [inc covers], B&W interior
Cover Art by ?
Comic stories :
Trelawny of the Gardens [war]
Mowser The Priceless Puss [humour]
The Space Freighters [science fiction]
Bid For Freedom [western]
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea [aventure/horror]
Danger-Hunter [spy]
Jim Trim And The Fighting Caveman [adventure]
AUD $15 plus p&h
Condition: Very Good
Heroic Adventure Library
Issue 6 : The Knights of King Arthur
Published by C. Arthur Pearson Ltd, London
68 Pages [inc covers], B&W interior, 1964
Cover Art by ?
Condition: Intact, well worn & read
AUD $10 plus p&h

The Hornet, Issue 536, December 15, 1973
Published by D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd, Great Britain
32 pages, Black & White interior, standard magazine size
Comic Stories :
Captain Hornet [Art by Ortiz]
Cast, Hook and Strike [Art by Pete Sutherland]
Jonah [Art by Ken Reid]
William Welkin's War [Art by Giralt]
Briggs The Goalie [Art by Tom Harding?]
The Blitz Kid [ Art by Giralt]

Harry The Camel
The Stuka [Art by Terry Patrick]
The Eye That Never Lies [Art by Leo Rawlings]
AUD $5 plus p&h
Not great condition but a good reader

Issue 361 - January 17, 1959
Published by Amalgamated Press, London
24 Pages [inc covers], B&W interior
Comic stories, Articles and Fiction
Comic stories featured ....
Paddy Payne in 'Operation Mosquito'
'Sandy Dean's Schooldays' serial by George Forrest
Archie the Robot in 'South Seas Fortune-Hunter' serial by E. George Cowan
Captain Condor in 'The Space Castaways' serial by Frank S. Pepper
Tex Radley in 'The Rancher From The Circus Ring' serial by Cliff Hooper
Bruce Kent in 'Spot The Clue'
'The Amazing Adventures of Mr. X'
Jungle Jef in The Riddle of The Vanishing Pygmies' serial by Alex King
'Lucky Guffy - The Lad Who Always Laughs Last'
Artists - not credited with the comic stories
AUD $15 plus p&h SOLD
Sabre Library War Stories In Pictures
Issue 44, 1971
Published by The Sabre Publishing Company, England
68 pages (inc. covers), B&W interior, Pocket digest size
Complete Story : 'Devil's Doorway' (writer & art : Unknown)
Cover art : 'P. Mar'
AUD $8 plus p&h
Classics Illustrated, Issue 32
Featured Story : 'Lorna Doone' by R. D. Blackmore
Published by Strato Publications in New York, USA, Printed in England by Greycaines (Taylor Garnett Evans & Co. Ltd.) however the advertisements enclosed are Australian based.
Colour, 52 Pages, Price on cover 1/3, 1950s
Art by Matt Baker. "Clarence Matthew Baker is commonly regarded as the first African-American comic book artist. He specialized in so-called "good girl" art, and drew the wrath of Dr. Frederick Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent for his suggestive cover to Phantom Lady #17." -
AUD $30 Plus Postage

Classics Illustrated, Issue 122
Featured Story : 'The Mutineers'' by Charles Boardman Hawes
Published by Strato Publications in New York, USA,
Inside Art by Peter Costanza. For more info on Peter Costanza go to :

AUD $8 Plus Postage [condition of comic : damage at spine and back page missing HOWEVER the story is totally intact]

Issue 5, January 2004
Published by DC Comics, USA
Story : 'Good Intentions' ... by Mark Waid (w) & Barry Kitson (a)
AUD $5 plus p&h
World's Finest Comic Monthly 111
Issue 111
Published by The K. G. Murray Publishing Company, Australia
52 Pages [inc covers], B&W interior, 1974
Cover by Nick Cardy
Stories include ...
The Flash in 'Green Lantern, Master Criminal of the 25th Century' ... by Cary Bates (w), Irv Novick & Dick Giordano (a)
'Lost In Time' ... horror story by Bill Dennehy (w), Gerry Talaoc (a)
Wonder Woman in 'Attack of the Sky Demons' ... by Ric Estrada (a)
Challengers of the Unknown' in 'The Monster Maker' ... by Jack Kirby
Condition: complete comic however there are 2 loose centre pages; a few light stains on cover, and of course the the number '10' on the cover as well.
AUD $10 plus p&h
Selected Strips from : The Old Timer Cartoon - No. 1
Created and Drawn by SOLS
Published by Boomer Books, Australia - 1978
AUD $10.00 plus postage


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" ... James S., Australia

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